Oh so cool

On our first full week back, Year 3 have worked so hard.
We’ve begun our book Gregory Cool and have done some drama to help us really get to know the story events and empathise with the main character Gregory. We talked a lot about his feelings and his body language, and all the experiences he has had since he arrived in Tobago. This really helped us in our final piece of writing this week, putting ourselves in Gregory’s shoes and sending a postcard back home to mum and dad. Come and check out our great work in our yellow English books! We look forward to finding out more about Gregory’s experiences next week.

Our spellings next week will be

  • address
  • answer
  • appear
  • arrive
  • bicycle
  • believe

In maths we have had a big focus on 3 digit numbers. We have practised spelling them in words and thought about how to partition the numbers as well as what each digit is worth in a number by where it is. For example, 243 is made from 2 hundreds, 4 tens and 3 ones. The 4 represents 40. We will continue our block on place value next week.
In ICT we have looked at programming a chicken to collect snacks in order by making his route and in Art we had fun making all about me portraits. I hope you like them and they get pride of place at home!

Have super weekends and see you next week!